Friday, November 22, 2013

Sell Hair - The Easy Way

First I heard of selling hair was when I stumble upon an article online about Justin Bieber selling his hair for $40,000 dollars on eBay. It is an insane figure but in my further research I found that he didn’t set the record.

How Much Is My Hair Worth And Can I Sell It Too?

Good question but there is no straight answer for anybody. I try to write an article about this pretty soon. People that buy your hair are called wig makers. They basically make hair extensions from your hair and sell it to people.

Wig makers look for “Virgin Hair”, hair that never been treated by any chemicals; If you dyed your hair that’s the end of the road for you. The reason virgin hair is in demand is because when cut it will last, look more natural much longer.

Length is important too and you need at least 10 inches of your hair to make a buck.

I could go on about healthy diet and healthy life style but I take you all for intelligent people. Smoking, drinking doing drugs… you know what I mean.

Where To Sell Your Hair? and are sites that specialize in selling hair and can help you sell your hair for a small fee for around 15-20$ for an ad for 3 months. Not bad, few hundreds dollars in you pocket investing 15 bucks.  

Before posting an ad on the site make sure your read the selling guides to be sure that you don’t get scammed. I would also recommend that you don’t cut your hair before you don’t have your money in your hand.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Figure Skating Dresses - Figure Skating :)

There are many types of skating such as figure skating, road skating and ice skating. Other than providing your body with necessary exercises, you can undertake skating in a relaxed environment. You might have noticed that skaters wear unique figure skating dresses while performing this exciting sport.
If you set out to shop for your skating dress, be sure to select a dress that aptly complements your body frame. It is crucial to consider factors such as color, design structure, cut and overall fittings. Most skating dresses are of short length and fit tightly to the body. The design structure of a skating dress is based on the fact that the sport involves several intricate steps and jumps. You might not be able to perform some of the complex steps while wearing casual dresses
You can get figure skating dresses either from off line stores or by searching online. It is more advantageous if you shop online because you need not walk to the market in order to acquire one. Instead, you can save both your time and energy because with an internet connection, you can do your shopping from the comfort of your home. Suffice to note that online shopping gives you lots of options from which to choose from. Online stores, such as offer a myriad of quality skating dresses many of which are within everyone’s budget.
Another option you can opt for is to choose a custom-made skating dress. Custom-made designs allow you to choose an outfit with exclusive features that are unique to your personality. To sum up, Skating is a sport that is increasingly gaining popularity worldwide. It has since been recognized and incorporated in figure skating dresses and design forums. In order to choose the most appropriate skating dresses, it is paramount that you pick one that compliments your body structure perfectly. Obtain more information on the very best in skating dresses at

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Selling Your Hair and Hard Water

Spring is coming and the weather is changing and its time for you to change too. Selling your hair could become quite more difficult. Your hair may start drying out; think about the simplest thing that you can change. Yes fight with the hard water to sell hair!

We don’t think of water being bad for us, because it isn’t. It is what we make of it. Hard water can be found in many households. We don’t pay too much attention to it and definitely don’t think of it as a bad thing for our hair.

If you live in a big city or even in the suburbs of the big city you should rethink what you are washing your hair with. Hard water makes our bathrooms look ugly and it’s going to have the same effect on your hair too. So, what are your options? You can forget about this article and sell your hair for less. Or you can buy:

Shower-head Water Filter

Yes, there are such things. They basically filters that we use in the kitchen sink.  The price of one can range from 50-150 dollars and you might have to change your entire showerhead. Selling hair needs commitment, you pay small price now to make hundreds/thousands later.

There are also shampoos that are especially made to use with hard water.  One brand specializing in such department is Malibu.

Another way to fight with hard water is definitely olive oil. It will make your hair more moisturized and shiny.  You can simply put some olive oil in your hair and it will work like a wonder.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How little exercise can help you sell your hair?

We exercise, go to the gym for many reasons, but it is mostly to loose weight. Trip to the gym can also have many more benefits that we don’t think off when we are running on the treadmill. According to many studies, during emotional stress, your hair can thin or fall out. Running or yoga puts our body in mental wellness as a result our body starts producing more cortisone hormone which helps grow our hair faster. More hair = sell your hair for more $.  The mental wellness during exercise and after comes from serotonin, which increases in our brain during exercise, which balances our body, and as an end result makes us happy. Even a little amount of jogging or playing any sport, maybe excluding fishing :), can help regulate the DHT hormones in our body which are responsible for hair growth and baldness in man. Too much exercise on the other hand can increase DHT, which may result in hair loss. Remember to exercise but don’t over do it. Everything in moderation, live well, eat organic food and your hair will grow in no time.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Would You Consider Growing Your Hair Just For The Money?

Many people are eager to make some extra money on the side, but we don’t know how. I’ve walk thru my school and introduce the people to the idea of selling hair and they laugh at it. They reaction was like --you can do that? Their smile went away when I told them you can sell your hair for hundreds or more. How many of you go to get a haircut and just leave their hair to the barber. What do they do with it I don’t know probably they throw it away, they don’t know that they can sell hair either.  

There is also another way/think that you can do with your hair. Instead of selling your hair you can donate it to charity. For example locks of love. They been around for long time, however they were stories where they sold the hair that we donated to them and they kept the money for themselves.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hair Locks That Sold For Thousands

Nice virgin hair that never been treated with any chemicals can sell for up to 2000$, depending on the length of the hair. However, there are people that can sell their hair for thousands even millions; but they are not around anymore. I would try to make a hair extension or hair wig from a hair that I just bought for 500,000 dollars on a action. They carry more historical value for collector. Here is a small list of famous people hair that sold for lots of money on an actions all over the world:

Napoleon Bonaparte- $13,000
Bob Marley- $4,000,000 <--- Who has that kind of money to buy this things I don't know.
George Washington- $17,000

I keep adding to the list if I find something more on internet.
See you next time :)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Need Cash Now? Read this it might help.

Need money now but don’t know where to start. Read this guide now for help.

We all have those weeks where we run out of money. We usually ask our friends or people that we know really well for a little cash, but what about if you not that type of a person. So things you can do:

1)   Most of us have Facebook or other social media accounts. Just offer your services on social media: say I do this for that much….
2)   Sell things that you don’t need anymore for example: your old cellphone that you will never use.
3)   Go mow someone’s law.
4)   You also can babysit
5)   You can try sell your hair
6)   Or visit sites like and sell your videos and get people Facebook likes.

Think outside the box, one would say.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Odd Ways To Make Money

You don’t need a job, you need money! There are so many things that you can do to make money that don’t require you to go out from you comfortable home. Of course there is nothing to stop you and you can use this guide to make some extra money on the side without much effort. You probably heard of ways as to make your car a moving billboard to make money but there is much more.
You can:
1.     Tutor Online on sites like making even up to $1600 a month on flexible schedule.
2.     You can sell your hair. Looking for a haircut? Why not make money in the process.
3.     A moving Billboard. You can make as much as $800 a month. Visit sites like
4.     Participate in a focus group. Like getting money for your thoughts?
5.     Mystery shoppers. Get paid for shopping. Visit
6.     Answer Questions Online on sites like
7.     Participate in Mock trails and get 20-60$. Visit
8.     Donate your body to Science.
9.     Games Reviews. Visit to get paid up to $50.
10.  And Much more to come…

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Great food for people that are looking to start selling hair!

A good breakfast ingredients like eggs, honey or yogurt are not only good for you to eat but they also can treat your hair. If you looking to save money somewhere or wanting to go natural with your hair cleaning procedure try these methods:

For all Hair Types:

Raw eggs are the best. The yolk is rich in proteins and good for building muscles but its also naturally moisturizing. The white “stuff’ rich in bacteria eating enzymes can remove the unwanted oils in your hair.

Dull Hair:

Sour cream and plain yogurt can help bring back that shine back to your hair.

 Itchy Scalp:

Try a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. The way it works is that the acidity of lemon juice cleans your scalps and oil moisturizes it after…simple.

Fine Hair:

My personal favorite the beer: yep beer can help add body to your hair.

Greasy Hair:

Use cornmeal or cornstarch.

For more information on how to prepare each mixture visit the link provided below.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Scams Scams Scams...Watch Out!

You can be sure that when selling your hair someone will want to scam you. Sometimes if the offer sounds too good to be true it probably is. Be sure to contact Paypal (you be using it the most) if something sounds too suspicious.
Watch out for:

-Certified checks.
-Personal checks.
-Money Orders can be fake, be sure to see if you can cash it first.
-Watch out for Fake Paypal Notifications
-Paypal doesn’t require Tracking ID for money to get cleared.
-Buyer wants to pay too much.
-Requests for unnecessary personal information


Have fun and make so money selling your hair on and